Regardless of the ever-changing trends and technologies, your business will forever live by its strategy and/or creative positioning. Your positioning is the springboard for all your brand’s communications, both internal and external. This establishes who you are, what you stand for, and how you talk to your audience.

Whether your brand is starting off or at a crossroads, a sound strategy will provide clarity for you, a competitive edge for your business, and the potential to inspire your customers to connect.

Before I get into me, a special thank you to all those who made my journey both enjoyable and somewhat successful. It was always teamwork, never a solo effort.



So, I’m a Creative Director with over 20 years of experience in developing strategic creative solutions for brands. My background is copywriting, and I plied my trade in global network agencies across Europe, MENA and APAC, where I led regional and international campaigns for the likes of McDonald’s, GSK, Emirates, P&G, Montblanc, Harvey Nichols and GM. Aside from creative strategy, I thrive in and around people, and it will always be my greatest passion to get the best out of my teams and colleagues.

Currently, my home is Accenture. As one of the founding members of Accenture London’s Creative team, my sole focus is to help grow Accenture’s business through new, strategic partnerships and acquisitions. I helped build and grow the in-house creative unit, where we develop creative strategies that add value and vision to best position Accenture as the preferred partner of choice. All deals are worth a minimum of £20M scaling up to potentially £500M+.

Yes, life’s a pitch.